About Us

VC Media Ltd amalgamates a professional photography studio, state of the art video graphic capabilities, artistic license and commercial qualities to be a solid platform for both amateurs and professionals in the media industry. Having worked with mainstream lifestyle and fashion magazines both in the UK and China, VC Media is well equipped to continue its positive working relationships within the realm of high end fashion.

Working with emerging artists, designers and fusionists lead to the birth of LAB (London Artists Base). This free platform was created for artists to share their wealth of knowledge and network openly and freely. With this solid grounding in the media industry VC Media has the capability and need to succeed, both as a business and a stage for young talents.

Our mission is driven by our core values of Integrity, Quality and Innovation.

We have a long-term commitment to our customers, ensuring we deliver the highest quality imagery and creative media out put to enhance their business/artistic projects.

Our Services

VC Media Consulting

VC Media Consulting Drawing form both creative and technical knowledge VC consulting provides project solutions for both amateurs and professionals. With tailor made advice and expertise a vast array of assignments are undertaken by VC Art Consulting. Experience of promotion through advertising, branding and marketing is adaptable to be shared both on a corporate level and to creative students. VC Art Consulting can create documentaries, sort film campaigns, devise and orchestrate pr events, and aid the development of personal image. Using multiple visual languages VC Art Consulting helps art students to accomplish their own concepts, purposes and works. Our cutting edge creative team, who are all degree holders to the highest caliber of Universities thrive off sharing their knowledge and supporting the growing creative culture within today’s students.

VC Studio

VC Studio With a location at the cutting edge of creative development, VC Art Studio is near Whitechapel gallery in the east of London. An easily accessible creative space that is available for private hire, the studio is a melting pot of creative media.With film and photographic post production, alongside equipment hire and a host of reliable modeling and location resources VC Art Studio welcomes cross industry amateurs and professionals to challenge our services and expertise.

Commercial Design

Commercial Design The client base of VC Commercial Design benefits from a creative team with cross industry experience. From start up companies to established corporations the creative direction of the commercial branch of the VC Media Ltd group provides modern, eye catching visual promotion. The elite services of VC Commercial Design include VI system solution (Visual Identify System Solution) such as web design, logo creation, business cards design and development of promotional items e.g. mouse mats, key rings, T-shirts etc.


The LAB (London Artist Base) provide a neutral locality for artists and creative minds to showcase their work to a like minded collective. Both professionals and amateurs are offered an opportunity to present new and developing work for discussion and debate. LAB is a networking melting pot of cross platform creativity. As a non profit organisation it was developed for the sole reason of nurturing a desire to explore creative world.

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